Sewing Project Manager

It’s around here… somewhere!

Can’t find your scissors or that fantastic piece of fabric you just know you have?

You aren’t the only one! Track what you have and where you put it and quit wasting time and money with repeat items!

Track your stash, projects and shopping list. No more UFOs or repeat supplies!

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Take your stash from messy to organized!

(Shhh, I’m not done yet but I know where all of my scissors are!)


Track your supplies

Know what you have and where you stored it. Understand what you do or don’t need to complete a project!


Track your projects

See your projects in a new way and know what is necessary to shop for and add it to your list!


Know whats on the shopping list

Stop over buying and even over paying for supplies by knowing exactly what you need for a project or what you should replenish in your basic supplies!